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Oh god … in the cruise industry there’s always something. Now that passengers aboard two Princess ships have Norovirus, it’s time to re-run this helpful article.
I can’t imagine how awful it is to get violently sick on my vacation and wondered why cruise ships seem to be associated with Norovirus most often, at least [...]

In a volatile economy with high unemployment  many of us are cutting back expenditures in order to to stretch budgets further.  And in order to afford a vacation, it may  be tempting to pick a ship because it has the cheapest price.
What we tend to forget is that our time is the most precious commodity of all.  To spend precious vacation time on a ship where [...]

Welcome guest bloggers Arline and Sam Bleecker, two veteran writers who have been covering the cruise industry for over a decade.    In this post, they give useful information designed to help pick the perfect ship based on your personal interests and lifestyle.
Cruise lines have personalities too. Matching your personality to a cruise line is [...]

Few items can run up the final tab of a cruise like shore excursions.  A couple on a one-week Caribbean cruise spending an extra grand on activities they purchased from the cruise company?  No problem.    In Europe and Alaska you can spend three or four times the cost of the cruise ticket it.
Cruise lines impose [...]

Promising luxurious ships, exciting destinations and a wide choice of cuisine, cruise holidays can offer disabled travellers a fantastic experience. Many of the larger ships pack a wide variety of accessible facilities and activities into a relatively compact area, and you get to choose the right balance of activities and relaxation to suit you.
Overall, facilities [...]

In the late 1990’s I decided ships had had become too big when a cruise line announced it was building a 2,500-passenger vessel.    The size was unimaginable.  I envisioned long lines and waiting to board and disembark.  Certainly there would be crowds at the lido café since people seemed to show up for breakfast and [...]

I bought a dress and a week later encountered someone with the same dress, which she bought on sale for half the price I paid.  My response?  “Oh well….”
* * *
Bought a new car and paid $23,974.   A month later I open the newspaper to find the same dealer is now selling my car for [...]

By Sam & Arline Bleecker
Compared to your cruise fare, the cost of quenching your thirst for soft drinks, coffee, juices, wines and spirits may not seem like much. But at two dollars a pop for soda or four to twelve for a glass of wine or twenty-five or more for a bottle of vino, the [...]

A story on CNN that says the world is divided between people who love cruises and people who hate them.   I’ve met plenty of people who swear they wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise ship for predictable reasons:  they’ll be bored, don’t want to vacation with thousands of people,  take a tux, the [...]

While I grew up in upstate New York and love to see  white snow gently piling up outside the window of my New York City apartment, this is starting to get old.    It’s still January and today the fifth storm of the season has once again closed local airports.   After four days of temperatures hovering [...]

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